We help families that help foster, adoptive and vulnerable children. How? Through real community, mentoring, education, ​and encouragement.

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We learn best from those who’ve been there! Want to ask some questions of experienced parents walking a similar journey a few steps ahead of you?

What we’re about

Whether a long-time veteran, or new to vulnerable childcare, each child & family we care for presents new challenges to our family & new opportunities to reach their family. We strengthen our serve & our families by walking in community. Mosaic wants to actively “do life” with families & volunteers involved in foster care, adoption, kinship care & safe families as they work to provide a safe environment for vulnerable & waiting children.

Our Resources

Our resources are best delivered through relationships! Join us on the journey: Support groups, Clothing & Book Co-op, Movie Nights, Resource Lending Library, Mentoring, Wrap Around Support, Moms Nights Out, Dads Nights Out, Book Clubs & Trainings


You have some questions but can’t seem to find good answers. Grab some coffee and talk about it with someone who’s been there and done that. 


Clothes shopping doesn’t break the bank when it’s FREE! Come use this incredible resource. It’s here to bless your family.

Lending Library

The Lending Library and Children’s Book Co-op has over 100 items for you to check out. Open during Co-op hours and by appointment.

Behind the Story

Why is foster care such a growing issue? 

Kids in Michigan waiting to be adopted

Michigan kids in foster care

Foster kids become available for adoption

Our Partners

We’re a community-based ministry with partner churches (and a school) acting as branches of Mosaic. As a network of partnering, we’re stronger, more sustainable, and better able to meet the needs of our local families.